Monday, January 31, 2011

Wiping Off The Dust

As a reward for the patience of my nonexistent readership, I'm simply going to announce my return and similarly announce that regular posts can again be expected. I've avoided several relevant political, entertainment and social issues and my silence is simply an expression of my confidence that they'll persist and develop without my commentary. While it's true that failing to write about them can inspire complacency, it's similarly true that the urge - and, indeed, demand - to opine on the latest "Big Topic" can be a catalyst for reactionary, sloppy argumentation.

The need to simmer and think is an underrated commodity; particularly in the blogosophere, where real time thoughts on initial impressions are prized. Discourse would be much improved if bloggers didn't feel that the presence of an opinion is the same as a requirement to express it. I justify my absence under the assumption that such a sentiment is accurate. And I justify my presence under the assumption that th
ere are things yet to be said, and that silence is an inadequate mechanism to say them.

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